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it's not yet known whether the CSS3 lists module will formally reinstate the keywords shown in
Figure 10-4 . However, it seems likely that you'll be able to define your own custom sequences in the future.
Suppressing the Symbol
In addition to all these keywords is perhaps the most important one: none . h
is enables you to suppress the symbol
or number, which opens up the way to convert a list into a navigation bar.
Nested Lists
With unordered lists, browsers automatically change the symbol for each new level of nesting, as shown in
Figure 10-5 (see nested_ul.html).
Figure 10-5. Browsers automatically change the symbol when unordered lists are nested
The automatic sequence of symbols for unordered lists is fixed. it doesn't change if you reset the top-level
Ordered lists keep track of the current number, starting again at 1 when moving to a deeper level, and
resuming the sequence when backing out of a nested list. Although this is convenient, the numbers are difcult
to follow because each level of nesting uses the default decimal value for list-style-type (see Figure 10-6 and
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