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Figure 10-3. h
ere's a wide choice of numbering systems for ordered lists
Page encoding has no eff ect on the symbols displayed. Setting list-style-type to armenian or georgian
displays traditional Armenian and Georgian numbering even with page encoding that doesn't support either of
these alphabets.
if you use disc , circle , or square with an ordered list, the symbol is displayed instead of a number
or letter. However, it doesn't work the other way round. using one of the keywords for an ordered list with an unordered
list results in the default disc (solid circle) being displayed.
Some browsers support even more keywords that were originally part of the CSS2 specication, but were
dropped from CSS2.1. Figure 10-4 s hows examples of extra keywords supported by Safari and Chrome (the code
is in list_type_extra.html). Firefox 14 supports all except upper-greek , whereas IE 9 supports only upper-greek .
Figure 10-4. Some browsers support keywords that were dropped from CSS2.1
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