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The Permaculture Association (Britain) is a registered charity and acts as a vehicle for con-
necting people, ideas, resources and projects in Britain and throughout the world. In addi-
tion to the services outlined opposite it organises a yearly convergence and get-together of
interested people.
Permanent Publications
Hyden House Ltd
The Sustainability Centre
East Meon
Hampshire GU32 1HR
Tel: (01730) 823 311
or 0844 846 4824 (local rate UK only)
Fax: (01730) 823 322
Permanent Publications publish Permaculture Magazine - inspiration for sustainable liv-
ing and topics on permaculture for temperate climates. They also sell a wide range of per-
maculture related topics, tools and products by mail order catalogue and on the web. Their
web site also features a lot of useful permaculture information and news.
Making Contact
The Permaculture Association is primarily a networking organisation and has contact de-
tails for local permaculture groups, individuals and projects throughout Britain and inter-
nationally. So, if you would like to make contact with other interested people in your area,
visit a site where permaculture is being practised, join a local group, or make contact with
permaculturists on an overseas trip, this is the place to start. Their website contains all this
information and more.
The Association also puts on a 'convergence' or get-together once a year where perma-
culturists from all over the country can meet over a weekend. In some parts of the country
there are also regional convergences.
See 'Further Reading' below.
Permaculture courses are held regularly in various parts of Britain. Details of all current
permaculture courses are printed in each issue of Permaculture Magazine and can also be
accessed at . If you want to put on a course in your own area, the
Permaculture Association can give you advice on how to go about it and a list of teachers.
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