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You are advised to check on the kind of service offered by each teacher by contacting pre-
vious clients, as there is some variation in what is offered.
The Introductory Course is usually a single weekend. It is intended for people who want
to put permaculture into action immediately in their own lives, and for those who may want
to go on to the Full Design Course later. It contains both information and practical exer-
The Full Design Course comprises 72 hours' teaching and is the foundation course for
people wishing to go into permaculture more deeply. It is equally valuable for those who
want to implement permaculture in their own homes or on their own land, and for people in
related professions who wish to add the permacultural perspective to their existing skills.
It contains both informative and practical sessions, including actual design work on local
sites. This course comes in a variety of formats: a two-week intensive, a series of week-
ends, or evening classes.
Specialist Courses of varying length are held for those who want to go into specific sub-
jects in greater detail. Some examples of subjects include forest gardening, woodlands in
permaculture, willow sculpture, timber framed building and various crafts.
Longer Courses . The above courses are normally organised privately. But longer courses
based on permaculture are increasingly becoming available within the state education ser-
vice. An example is the Sustainable Land Use course which is taught by the author at Rag-
man's Lane Farm in Gloucestershire.
Permaculture Designers
Design is absolutely fundamental to permaculture. The idea is to put in the maximum brain-
power at the beginning, the design stage, so that things will work with the minimum of
effort ever after.
Most people who are interested in permaculture prefer to learn about it themselves and
do their own designing. The alternative is to get some expert help in the form of a perma-
culture designer. Mistakes in design can be difficult and expensive to change at a later date.
So, whether you're moving into a new place or thinking of converting your existing one to
permaculture, a bit of professional help is a sound investment.
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