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* Other ethnic groups represented in the sample include the Dai, Bai, Hui, Wa, and Yao.
Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number.
All three counties boast historically strong records of agricultural production. Most
households produce rice as a staple crop for household consumption and for market sale,
as sugar cane, mangos, melons, chestnuts, and even rubber. With the rapid marketization of
Chinese agriculture over the past several decades, many households in the Lancang basin
grow at least some of what local villagers call “the big three” ( san da ): walnuts, tea, and
tobacco. A government official in the Fengqing County Office of Financial Affairs pointed
out that the more successful farming households tended to take advantage of “agricultur-
al marketization” ( nongye shichanghua ) by forgoing rice production in order to focus on
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