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The courtyard of the house was filled with recently harvested beans set out to dry. A
hindquarter of brined pork was suspended by a length of rope from the rafters to cure. A
swallow's nest of mud and straw was nestled under the eaves of the house; beneath it, the
household head and several of his kinsmen sat talking and smoking tobacco, which had
been harvested and cured in the village, in bamboo pipes, their pant legs rolled to the knee
against the summer heat and humidity.
Oursurveyteamcollected datafrom759householdsacrossFengqing,Yun,andLancang
Counties (see table 3.2 ) , typically interviewing either the male or female household head. 9
We asked a wide range of questions about demographic, social, cultural, and economic
conditions; agricultural production; participation in village activities; and people's social
networks. Within each county, the survey team tried to capture in the sample both resettled
households and households that had not been resettled. Villagers in the study represented
ten minzu , including Han, Yi, Lahu, and Bulang.
TABLE 3.2 Basic Characteristics of the Lancang River Study Sample
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