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Fig. 8.2 Performance evaluation of the scheme of output-based band selection using different
measures for various values of
fused using the bilateral filtering-based technique. a entropy
measure, and b average gradient
analysis using the PSNR measure. This measure enables us to understand the change
or the difference between the output image fused using the subset of selected bands
and a reference image in terms of the mean square error. The reference image, as usual,
is the image one would obtain from fusion of the entire dataset. The output-based
band selection being fusion technique dependent, it is essential to carry out fusion
procedure using the same technique, which in this case is the bilateral filtering-based
technique. We would like to analyze the performance of band selection by varying
the threshold parameter
against the changes in the PSNR of the fused image thus
obtained. Since the reference image is obtained from fusion of the entire dataset, it is
equivalent to setting
to be zero. Figure 8.3 indicates the nature of the radiometric
error for the fused image as
varies from 0 to 1.0. The output-based scheme selects
all the bands for the values of
upto 0.40, and therefore, the resultant is the same as
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