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Data Mining Graphical Interface Using OJDM
Oracle 10.2 Data Miner [ODMr102 2006] is a data mining workbench
developed using OJDM and other in-database functionalities. Data
Miner provides wizard- and activity-based guided data mining to
allow a business analyst who may not be an expert data miner to pro-
duce good results quickly. For data mining experts, Data Miner also
exposes interfaces for data preparation, fine-tuning algorithm set-
tings, and viewing model details.
Figure 16-2 illustrates a few of the graphical interfaces available in
Data Miner. The top left shows the main window with the menu to
launch the guided analytics wizard. The top right shows the receiver
operating characteristics (ROC) chart in the classification model test
Figure 16-2
Oracle Data Miner (ODMr) screen capture.
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