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metrics viewer. The bottom left shows the decision tree viewer
enabling a structured view of the tree. The bottom right shows the
data summary window depicting the distribution of AGE attribute
values. Oracle Data Miner is an example where the JDM API has
been used to build data mining tools.
KXEN (Knowledge Extraction Engines)
KXEN Data Mining Activity
KXEN's mission is to provide the technology to embed advanced
analytics into existing enterprise applications. The KXEN Analytic
Framework™ is a suite of predictive and descriptive modeling
components that create robust analytic models faster and easier than
in classical data mining environments.
KXEN believes that data mining should be a key element of
corporate performance management. Initiatives such as campaign
optimization, cross-sell, fraud detection, or risk assessment require
extracting information from corporate data and turning it into
actionable knowledge that can be used to predict and optimize busi-
ness performance. Over time, the techniques used for this purpose
have been assigned different names: statistics, data mining, machine
learning, and lately, predictive analytics. New scientific discoveries,
such as those of Vladimir Vapnik [Vapnik 1999], contributed to the
evolution and refinement of these techniques, opening new doors
toward efficient automation. Data mining was once the domain of
specialists deploying their artful skills, but today the business of pre-
dictive modeling is gaining ubiquity with the emergence of modeling
factories and time and productivity are now key issues.
Since 1998, KXEN has been a provider of data mining functions in
all formats that are suited for easy integration, such as C++ library,
CORBA server, COM/DCOM libraries and servers, and Java wrap-
pers. KXEN provides its customers with the capability to set up their
own factories for predictive and descriptive modeling. Their
business units use the output of these factories to drive business
performance throughout the company.
KXEN Position on JDM
KXEN joined the JDM standards group because the concepts that
were beginning to emerge in this vendor group in 2002 were close
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