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Table 9-8
javax.datamining.MiningFunction enum
javax.datamining.MiningFunction extends javax.datamining.Enum
Data Members
static MiningFunction association;
static MiningFunction attributeImportance;
static MiningFunction classification;
static MiningFunction clustering;
static MiningFunction regression;
Enum instance Methods
name(): String
Returns the name of the enumeration value.
Equals(java.lang.Object obj):boolean
Performs a shallow comparison to check if the enumera-
tion is the same as the specified enumeration.
compareTo(java.lang.Object obj): int
Compares this object with the specified object for order.
Returns the difference between this object and the com-
pared object. Returns 0 if the two objects are the same
object, otherwise returns a non-zero number
MiningFunction static methods
static values(): MiningFunction[]
Returns a list of all the defined MiningFunction
static valueOf(String name): MiningFunction
Returns an instance of MiningFunction corresponding
to the specified name.
static addExtension(java.lang.String name):
Adds a vendor extension name to MiningFunction.
Using Data Specification Interfaces
The package contains all the data specification-
related interfaces. Table 9-9 lists the object interfaces and enumera-
tions under this package used to specify physical and logical data
specifications. This package also contains the object factory inter-
faces, which are not listed in this table. In subsequent sections of this
chapter factory interfaces will not be included, because they are
similar in structure. For example, the PhysicalDataSet interface has an
associated object factory called PhysicalDataSetFactory ; similarly,
other objects have associated factories in the respective packages.
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