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Table 9-7
getMajorVersion(): int
Returns the major version number. For the JDM1.1, it must be 1.
getMinorVersion(): int
Returns the minor version number. For the JDM1.1, it must be 1.
Object List Methods
The Connection interface defines methods to list the objects available
to the DME and stored in the mining object repository (MOR). These
methods allow applications to explore the contents of the DME and
MOR. Table 9-4 shows the object list methods. Applications use these
methods—along with different filtering criteria, such as object type,
creation dates, etc.—to get either the names of the objects or the
objects themselves.
Model and data load methods
The Connection interface defines optional load methods that are used
to pre-load data and models to the DME. In general, explicit loading
is not required, however some DME implementations provide an
explicit option to load model and/or data to cache them in memory
for better performance.
Using JDM Enumerations
Section 8.6 discussed the design of JDM Enum classes. In this section,
we explore methods of the common abstract superclass for JDM enu-
merations ( javax.datamining.Enum ) and methods of the enumeration
Table 9-8 shows the MiningFunction enumerated values and the
instance methods declared in the base Enum class and the static
members declared in the MiningFunction enumeration class. Note
that MiningFunction defines the enumerated values as static data
members that can be referenced with the class name. For example,
MiningFunction.classification can be used to specify the classification
mining function.
The javax.datamining.Enum class provides common methods
implementations for name , equals , and compareTo ; these are described
in Table 9-8. The MiningFunction class provides enumeration-specific
method implementations, such as values , valueOf and addExtension
methods as described in Table 9-8.
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