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To Add Color to a Web Page Heading
To change the color of a heading on a Web page, the color property must be added in the <h2> tag of the
HTML file. The color property lets you change the color of various elements on the Web page. The following step
shows how to add a color using the color property in an inline style.
Click after the “2” but
before the closing bracket
in <h2> on line 19 and then
press the s p a c e b a r .
#384738” as the color
code for the heading
(Figure 2-31).
Can I use any
hexadecimal code
or color name to
change colors of
Although you may
use any of the hexadecimal
codes or color names
available, you have to
make sure that the color is
appropriate for the head-
ings of your Web page.
You do not want a heading
that is too light in color or
otherwise diminishes the
color code
added to
heading in
<h2> tag
Figure 2-31
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