HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To Activate Notepad++
After viewing the Web page, you can modify it by adding additional tags or text to the HTML file. To
continue editing, you first must return to the Notepad++ window. The following step illustrates how to activate
button on the task-
bar to maximize
Notepad++ and make
it the active window
(Figure 2-26).
Click the Notepad++
Notepad++ button
selected (active)
Figure 2-26
Improving the Appearance of Your Web Page
One goal in Web page development is to create a Web page that is visually appealing and
maintains the interest of the visitors. The Web page developed thus far in the chapter
is functional, but lacks visual appeal. In this section, you will learn how to improve the
appearance of the Web page from the one shown in Figure 2-27a to the one shown in
Figure 2-27b by adding an image, adding color to a heading, changing the style of the
footer, adding a horizontal rule, and changing the list style type of the bulleted list. Many
of these tasks can be accomplished by using style sheets.
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