HTML and CSS Reference
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Table A-3 HTML Tags and Attributes (continued)
HTML Tag and Attributes
<select>….</select> (continued)
name= text
Assigns a name to the selection list
size= value
Sets the number of visible options in the list
Sets enclosed text to appear in a smaller typeface
Defines media resources
media= media_query
Specifies what media/device the media resource is optimized for; default
value: all
src= URL
The URL of the media
type= mime_type
Specifies the MIME type of the media resource
Creates a user-defined container to add inline structure to the HTML
<strike>….</strike> **
Sets enclosed text to appear with strong emphasis; usually displayed as
bold text
Sets enclosed text to appear with strong emphasis; usually displayed as
bold text
Encloses embedded style sheet rules for use in the HTML document
media= media_query
Identifies the intended medium of the style
scoped= scoped
If present, the styles should only apply to this element's parent element and
its child elements
Specifies the MIME type of the style sheet
Sets enclosed text to appear in subscript
Defines the header of a “detail” element
Sets enclosed text to appear in superscript
Marks the start and end of a table
align= position **
Aligns the table text
border= value
Specifies if the table cells have borders or not; the only values are “” and 1
cellpadding= pixels **
Sets padding around each cell's contents to a value in pixels
cellspacing= pixels **
Sets spacing between cells to a value in pixels
frame= option **
Defines which parts of the outer border (frame) to display
rules= option **
Specifies which inner borders are to appear between the table cells
summary= text **
Provides a summary of the table's purpose and structure
width= pixels, % **
Sets table width in pixels or a percentage of the window
Defines a groups of rows in a table body
align= option **
Aligns text
char= character **
Specifies a character on which to align column values (for example, a
period is used to align monetary values)
charoff= value **
Specifies a number of characters to offset data aligned with the character
specified in the char property
valign= position **
Sets vertical alignment of cells in a group
Defines a data cell in a table; contents are left-aligned and normal text
by default
abbr= text **
Provides an abbreviated version of the cell's contents that browsers can use
if space is limited
align= position **
Specifies horizontal alignment
New with HTML5
* Deprecated tags
** Not supported in HTML5
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