HTML and CSS Reference
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Table A-3 HTML Tags and Attributes (continued)
HTML Tag and Attributes
Defines individual options in a selection list, as defined by the <select>
Disables the option items
label= text
Provides a shorter label for the option than that specified in its content
Sets the option to be the default or the selected option in a list
value= text
Sets a value returned to the server when the user selects the option
Defines some types of output
for= element_id
Specifies one or more elements the output field relates to
form= form_id
Specifies one or more forms the output field belongs to
name= text
Specifies a name for the object (to use when a form is submitted)
Delimits a paragraph; automatically inserts a blank line between text
align= position **
Aligns text within the paragraph
Passes a parameter to an object or applet, as defined by the <object>
name= text
Defines the name of the parameter required by an object
type= mime _ type **
Specifies the content or media type of the object
value= data
Sets the value of the parameter
valuetype=data, ref, object **
Identifies the type of parameter used in the value attribute
Preserves the original format of the enclosed text; keeps line breaks
and spacing the same as the original
Defines progress of a task of any kind
max= number
Defines the value of completion
value= number
Defines the current value of the progress
Sets enclosed text as a short quotation
cite= URL
Specifies the source URL of the quote
Used in ruby annotations to define what to show if a browser does not
support the ruby element
Defines explanation to ruby annotations
Defines ruby annotations, which are used for East Asian typography
Defines text that is no longer correct, accurate, or relevant
Sets enclosed text to appear as sample output from a computer program
or script; usually appears in a monospace font
Inserts a client-side script into an HTML document
Defines if the script should be executed asynchronously or not
Indicates that the browser should defer executing the script
src= URL
Identifies the location of an external script
type= mime_type
Specifies the MIME type of the script
Defines a section
Defines a form control to create a multiple-choice menu or scrolling list;
encloses a set of <option> tags to define one or more options
Makes the select field focused on page load
Disables the selection list
form= form_id
Defines one or more forms the select field belongs to
Sets the list to allow multiple selections
New with HTML5
* Deprecated tags
** Not supported in HTML5
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