HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Click the Internet Explorer button on the taskbar.
Type G:\chapter11\ChapterFiles\chapter11-1shopsolution.html in the Address
box, and then press the e n t e r key. If a security message appears at the bottom of the
browser window, click the Allow blocked content button. (If you are running Internet
Explorer 8 or lower, your security message may be different.)
When the Gift Shop Web page loads, an artistic wooden plaque image begins to float
across the page from right to left.
Place your mouse over the floating image. The image will stop floating (Figure 11-28a).
Click the floating image. The coupon pop-up window appears (Figure 11-28b).
(a) Floating image of
wooden plaque.
coupon pop-up
window displays
when floating
image clicked
(b) Pop-up window
with coupon.
Figure 11-28
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