HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In the Lab continued
Flower Shop Logo
Important Dates
Monthly Specials
Message from Owner
Contact Us
Add general
here about the flower
shop, including the
address and phone
numbers. Also include
such things as floral
arrangement classes
or other services
offered by the shop.
Have a text link to
the Web site developer
for suggestions and
comments as well as
a link back to the
flower shop home page.
Figure 1-19
Instructions: Perform the following tasks using your word-processing program and paper.
1. Review the questions in the planning and analysis phases of the Web development life cycle, as
shown in Table 1-4 on page HTML 15.
2. Assess the value of those questions listed in the table. Add other questions that you think are
relevant to the planning and analysis of a flower shop Web site.
3. Start your word-processing program. If necessary, open a new document. Enter the questions you
will use for planning and analysis. Save the document using the file name lab1-2solution.docx.
Print the document.
4. Using the questions that you developed, interview friends and family who have visited flower
shops to determine what information should be included in the Web site, who will provide the
information, and so on.
5. After gathering the required information, sketch a design for the home page of the Web site on
6. Share your design sketch with the people who you interviewed to get their opinions on your
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