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If the same security message displays on the pop-up window, click the Allow blocked
content button, then click the Close Window button to close the pop-up window.
If necessary, scroll down to verify that the bottom of the Web page displays the date the
page was last modified (the date the file was saved), as shown in Figure 10-40.
Return to Notepad++ and print the HTML file.
My Security message disappeared before I could click the button, what happened?
If the security message disappeared before you could click the 'Allow blocked content'
button, refresh the Web page and the security message should display.
copyright notice
and date last
Figure 10-40
To Validate a Web Page
Open Internet Explorer, navigate to the Web site, and then click the
Validate by File Upload tab.
Click the Browse button.
Locate the chapter10-1solution.html file on your storage device, click the filename, and
then click the Open button in the Choose File to Upload dialog box.
Click the Check button.
Quick Reference
For a list of JavaScript
statements and their
associated attributes,
see the JavaScript Quick
Reference (Appendix G)
at the back of this topic,
or visit the JavaScript
Quick Reference on the
Topic Companion Site
Web page for this topic at
To Quit Notepad++ and a Browser
In Notepad++, click the File menu, then Close All.
Click the Close button on the Notepad++ title bar.
Click the Close button on the browser title bar. If necessary, click the Close all tabs button.
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