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Chapter Summary
This chapter described how to write JavaScript to create a scrolling message, a pop-up window, and if and if…else
statements; how to pass values to a user-defined function; how to validate the data entered into a form and convert
text to numeric values using the parseInt(), parseFloat(), and isNaN() built-in functions; and how to format string
output results to display as currency. The items listed below include all the new JavaScript skills you have learned in
this chapter.
1. Create a Form Text Field to Display a Scrolling
Message (HTML 458)
2. Create the scrollingMsg() User-Defined Function
(HTML 460)
3. Enter the Code to Increment the Position Locator
Variable (HTML 461)
4. Enter an if Statement (HTML 463)
5. Add the setTimeout() Method to Create a Recursive
Call (HTML 464)
6. Enter the onLoad Event Handler to Call the
scrollingMsg() Function (HTML 466)
7. Add the validSalesAmt() Function with Nested if…
else Statements to Validate Form Data
(HTML 474)
8. Enter the onBlur() Event Handler to Call
the validSalesAmt() Function
(HTML 475)
9. Enter the CalcLoanAmt() User-Defined Function
(HTML 476)
10. Enter an onClick() Event Handler to Call the
CalcLoanAmt() Function (HTML 477)
11. Enter Code to Call the monthlyPmt() Function
(HTML 479)
12. Create the monthlyPmt() Function (HTML 481)
13. Enter the dollarFormat() Function (HTML 484)
14. Enter an if…else Statement and while Loop to
Extract the Dollar Portion of the Output and Insert
Commas (HTML 486)
15. Reconstruct the Formatted Output and Return the
Formatted Value (HTML 487)
16. Pass the Monthly Payment Value to the
dollarFormat() Function (HTML 487)
17. Enter the popUpNotice() Function to Open
a Pop-Up Window (HTML 490)
18. Add the Event Handler to Call the popUpNotice()
Function (HTML 490)
19. Display the Date Last Modified Using the
substring() Method (HTML 492)
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