HTML and CSS Reference
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URL, copyright, and
date file last modified
Figure 9-19
4. Make sure to enter the closing brace for the function, followed by the closing HTML tags to close
the <script> section.
5. Using the code in Table 9-26 on page HTML 432 as a guide, enter the code to create a <div>
tag container with an id attribute of copyrightdate after the end </table> tag and before the end
</body> tag.
6. Using the code in Table 9-27 on page HTML 432 as a guide, write a user-defined function using the
<div> tag container, using the id attribute copyrightdate, and the innerHTML property to display the
document URL, a copyright message, and the date the document was last modified at the bottom of
the Web page, as shown in Figure 9-19. ( Hint: To add a copyright symbol enter &copy; in your text.)
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