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Figure 1-16 Deep Web site.
Web Page Structure
There are many resources
available on the Web
that further discuss
Web site structures. In
addition to general design
information, there are a
number of tools available
for sale or free download
that can help you design
your Web sites. Enter
the phrase “Web site
structure” into a search
engine to find many
valuable design sources.
The same principle applies to the folder structure that you use in your Web
development. The projects in this topic have so few Web page iles and graphic iles that
all content (Web pages and graphics) is stored together in one folder. With a large Web
site, however, you may want to put the Web page files in a separate folder from the graph-
ics files. Larger, more complex Web sites might also require a folder just to store video or
audio clips. Where you store the files will affect how you access those files in your HTML
code. Determining a good folder structure in the planning phase of the Web development
life cycle is important. You'll learn more about effective folder structures in Chapter 3.
During the design and development phase, you should also consider what, if any,
types of multimedia could contribute positively to the Web site experience. For instance,
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