HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In the Lab
Design and/or create a document using the guidelines, concepts, and skills presented in this
chapter. Labs are listed in order of increasing difficulty.
Lab 1: Determining Another Way to Convert from Frames
Instructions: Your assignment is to research frame conversion strategies and determine another way to
convert a Web site from a frame structure to a nonframe structure.
Perform the following tasks:
1. Search online for information about ADA compliance issues related to frames.
2. Review other techniques that can be used to convert a Web site structured with frames.
3. Write a paper that addresses the topics discussed in this Special Feature. Your paper should:
a. Specify reasons frames may not be an effective Web site structure
b. Identify techniques that could be used to restructure a Web site
c. Determine how you could utilize these techniques in your own Web development
4. Save the paper with the name Lab SF2-1 Conversion Strategies. Submit the file in the format
specified by your instructor.
In the Lab
Lab 2: Convert a Second Web Site
Instructions: In this assignment, you will convert a Web site that is based on the frame structure to a
nonframe structure, as shown in Figure 10.
Perform the following tasks:
1. In your browser, open the LabSF2-2.html file in the SF2\IntheLab folder found in the Data Files
for Students.
2. Review the structure and functionality of the Web site highlighted in this file.
3. Determine how you can restructure the Web site by converting from its current frame structure.
Your conversion strategy can be that which is used in this Special Feature or another strategy that
you found in your research in Lab 1.
4. Make the changes to the Web pages in the Web site. Save the new file as LabSF2-2solution.html,
validate all files, test the site, and print the pages of the modified site.
5. Submit the files in the format specified by your instructor.
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