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To View the Web Site in the Browser
As with all other projects, it is important to view the Web pages in the browser and
test all links. After converting the Web site structure, you will open the sf2home.html file
as your starting point rather than the frame definition file sf2index.html. With the change
from the frame structure to the new Web site structure, you will eliminate the sf2index.html
file from the Web site.
If necessary, start your browser. Open the file sf2home.html in the browser (Figure 9).
Test all links by clicking the Schedule, Contact, and Home links.
completed Web page
looks same but has
no frame structure
Figure 9
Feature Summary
In this feature, you have learned how to convert a frame-structured Web site to one in which frames are not used.
This is an important aspect of Web development because of the ADA compliance standards that do not fully support
frames. The items listed below include all the new Web development skills you have learned in this feature.
1. View a Web Site with Frames (HTML 398)
2. Copy HTML Code for a Navigation Bar
(HTML 402)
3. Paste Code into the Home Page and Edit the Code
(HTML 403)
4. Copy and Paste Code into the Schedule and
Contact Web Pages (HTML 404)
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