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(or section) of the Web page. That is fine, but it means that you must have all content in
one Web page. That is not an efficient way to convert from frames for this project.
A second way to convert from a frame structure is to copy the static portion of the
Web page (the image and the navigation bar) to all pages in the Web site. The sf2menu.html
file contains the logo and the navigation bar for this Web site. You will open this file and
copy the logo and navigation bar code and paste it into the sf2home.html, sf2schedule.html,
and sf2contact.html Web pages.
To Copy HTML Code for a Navigation Bar
The following step copies the necessary navigation bar code from the sf2menu.html file.
If necessary, start Notepad++.
Why open this file and not edit the frame definition file, sf2index.html?
The frame definition file, sf2index.html, only contains the structure for the frames. The sf2menu.html contains the logo
and navigation bar that you want to copy to the other Web pages in the Web site.
With a USB drive plugged into your computer, open the sf2menu.html file in the SF2\ChapterFiles folder.
through 21 (Figure 6).
Highlight lines 14
Click Edit on the menu
bar and then click Copy.
three occurrences of target="win-
main" (lines 17 through 19) that
need to be deleted
highlight lines 14
through 21 (logo
and navigation
bar) and copy
Figure 6
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