HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
3. Save the file using the same filename.
4. Using Notepad++, open the HTML file lab7-2.html.
5. Add the link necessary to apply the styles from the lab7-2styles.css external style sheet.
6. Add an inline style sheet to the last paragraph of text that sets the font to Verdana and size 10pt.
7. Within the table provided, insert an <h1> heading tag, center-aligned with an inline style, that
contains the words Marsh Vineyards Wedding Parties with a line break as indicated. Add the image
centertables.jpg in a data cell to the right of the heading. Be sure to include the alt, height, and
width attributes for the image.
8. Save the file as lab7-2solution.html, validate the file, and print it.
9. Open the lab7-2solution.html file in your browser and print the Web page.
10. Submit the solution in the format specified by your instructor.
In the Lab
Lab 3: Developing an External Style Sheet for Pop-up Text
Instructions: You just climbed Mount Rainier and are excited to share your pictures online. You decide
to display three pictures that help tell your climbing story using pop-up text that displays beneath
the picture, as shown in Figure 7-22. The file lab7-3.html is an HTML file that contains some of the
structure of the Web page and is included in the Chapter07\IntheLab folder of the Data Files for
Students. In this exercise, you will create an embedded style sheet that displays text under each mountain
image when a user hovers over the image. Research a Mount Rainier climb to get an idea of what
information to use in your pop-up text.
create a pop-up
effect to display
text with hover
Figure 7-22
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