HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
5 Creating an Image Map
You will have mastered the material in this chapter when you can:
Define terms relating to image
Create a home page
List the differences between
Create a navigation bar of text links
Insert an image onto a Web page
server-side and client-side image maps
Name the two components of an
that is used as an image map and
use the usemap attribute to define
an image map
Insert special characters into
image map and describe the steps to
implement an image map
Distinguish between appropriate and
a Web page
Use the <map> </map> tags to start
inappropriate images for mapping
Sketch hotspots on an image
and end a map
Use the <area> tag to indicate the
Describe how the x- and
y-coordinates relate to vertical and
horizontal alignment
Open an image in Paint and use Paint
shape, coordinates, and URL for a
mapped area
Create an external style sheet for
to locate the image map coordinates
styles used across the Web site
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