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Lab 2: Attracting Visitors to Another Web Site
Problem: In this assignment, you will assess another Web site to complete the same basic steps as taken
in this feature to improve the site's visibility on the Internet.
1. Select a Web site that is of interest to you and open the site's home page.
2. Review the meta tags (if any) that are used on the home page. ( Hint: View the page source to
review those tags.) Determine how you can utilize additional meta tags for this Web page. What
keywords and descriptions would be good to use? What keywords and descriptions do other
related Web sites use?
3. Write a marketing plan that addresses specific ways that you can get the word out about this Web
site. Specific plans should include:
a. Locating targeted directories and search engines specific to the industry reflected in the
Web site
b. Determining Web sites to which you could have possible reciprocal links
c. Finding newsgroups specific to the industry reflected in the Web site
4. Save the file with the name Lab SF1-2 Marketing.docx. Submit the file in the format specified by
your instructor.
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