HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Feature Summary
In this feature, you have learned how to insert keywords and description meta tags into your Web page.
You also learned about domain names, what questions to ask of a potential a Web host, how to publish
your Web page, ways to market your Web site, and how to register your site with search engines.
The items listed below include all the new skills you have learned in this feature.
1. Add Keywords (HTML 226)
2. Add a Description (HTML 226)
3. Check Domain Name Availability
(HTML 228)
4. Register Your Web Site with Search Engines
(HTML 230)
In the Lab
Design and/or create a document using the guidelines, concepts, and skills presented in this
chapter. Labs are listed in order of increasing difficulty.
Lab 1: Creating a Publishing and Marketing Plan
Problem: Your assignment is to apply the ideas and suggestions listed in this special feature to write a
comprehensive publishing and marketing plan. This plan should be presented in a Word file that can be
submitted to your instructor.
1. Determine a domain name that is available to use for your Oceanside Hotel and Sports Club
Web site.
2. Research and identify several possible Web hosting options. Answer all six questions covered in this
special feature section for each of your hosting options.
3. Research and identify the specifics about registering your Web site with both Google and
4. Write a marketing plan that addresses specific ways that you can get the word out about your Web
site. Specific plans should include:
a. Locating targeted directories and search engines specific to the industry reflected in the Web site
b. Investigating the pros and cons of buying banner ads
c. Determining Web sites to which you could have possible reciprocal links
d. Finding newsgroups specific to the industry reflected in the Web site
5. Save the file with the name Lab SF1-1 Marketing.docx. Submit the file in the format specified by
your instructor.
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