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Apply Your Knowledge continued
5. Colors used for the headings are colspan - #bc4676; first and second rowspan - #87aaae
(experiment with the colors if you wish). The background color of the striped rows is #ddecef. All
text in those colored cells is white.
6. Save the revised file in the Chapter04\Apply folder using the filename apply4-1solution.html.
7. Validate the code using the W3C validator service.
8. Print the revised HTML file.
9. Enter the URL G:\Chapter04\Apply\apply4-1solution.html to view the Web page in your browser.
10. Print the Web page.
11. Submit the revised HTML file and Web page in the format specified by your instructor.
Extend Your Knowledge
Extend the skills you learned in this chapter and experiment with new skills.
Creating a Table with Rules
Instructions: Start Notepad++. Open the file extend4-1.html from the Chapter04\Extend folder of
the Data Files for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the
Data Files for Students, or contact your instructor for information about accessing the required files.
This sample HTML file contains all of the text for the Web page shown in Figure 4-45. You will add
the necessary tags to make this Web page display the table, as shown in Figure 4-45.
image inserted
styles of table defined
in stylesextend4-1.css
color cell background
with white text
Figure 4-45
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