HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
3: Create a Prototype Web Site with Five Pages
Your manager at Uptown Enterprises has asked you to create a simple five-page prototype of the
Web pages in the new Entertainment section for the online magazine CityStuff. The home page
should include headings and brief paragraphs of text for Arts, Music, Movies, and Dining. Within
each paragraph of text is a link to one of the four detailed Web pages for each section (for example,
the Arts link should connect to the Arts Web page). The home page also includes an e-mail link at the
bottom of the page. Add a To top link that connects to a target at the top of the page. The four detailed
Web pages should include links to external Web sites of interest and a link back to the home page.
If possible, also find appropriate images to use as a background or in the Web page, and set text to wrap
around the images. Remember to use CSS. Determine during the design phase whether it would be
better to use inline or embedded style sheets or both for this Web site.
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