HTML and CSS Reference
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To View a Web Page
The following steps illustrate how to view the HTML file in a browser.
Open Internet Explorer.
In Internet Explorer, click the Address bar to select the URL in the Address bar.
Type G:\Chapter03\ChapterFiles\underwatertours.html (or the specific path to
your file) to display the new URL in the Address bar and then press the e n t e r key
(Figure 3-26).
What if my page does not display correctly?
Check your underwatertours.html code carefully in Notepad++ to make sure you have
not made any typing errors or left anything out. Correct the errors, save the changes, and
try again.
Underwater Tours
by Eloise logo image
inline style changes
text to blue
link to an
external Web site
link to a Web
page within the
same Web site
e-mail link
Figure 3-26
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