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11. Select the default Java settings for the Model project and click on Next .
12. Configure the EJB settings for the Model project similar to the View project.
Select EJB Version as Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 , select Using Annotations ,
and click on Finish .
An EJB 3.0 application, which consists of a Model project and a ViewController
project, gets added in the Application tab:
Creating a database connection
Next, we need to create a JDBC connection in JDeveloper with the Oracle database.
Here is how we go about it:
Open the Database Navigator with View | Database | Database Navigator
or select the Database Navigator tab if already open.
Right-click on the IDE Connections node and select New Connection .
In the Create Database Connection window, specify a Connection Name .
Select Connection Type as Oracle (JDBC) .
Specify Username as OE , which is the schema in which the Catalog table is
Specify the password for the OE schema.
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