HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Appendix J. Links and references
In this appendix, you'll find a chapter-by-chapter list of many of the links to useful re-
sources, articles, and demos strewn throughout HTML5 in Action . Links for each chapter
start with important applications and references for building your apps. Near the bottom of
each link list, you may also find interesting tidbits such as fun links, live demos, and extra
libraries for future projects.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Remy Sharp's HTML5 Shiv (included in Modernizr)
Hello! HTML5 and CSS3
ARIA Attributes
Google's Microdata Vocabulary
Is This HTML5?
Chapter 2: Forms and validation
Webshims Lib
Modernizr Polyfills
Chapter 3: Working with files on the client side
File API
File Writer API
File System API
Geolocation API
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