HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Listing I.35. Follow the mouse movement
function follow_mouse () {
document . addEventListener ( "mousemove" , function ( e ) {
wilson . v_x = e . movementX ||
e . mozMovementX ||
e . webkitMovementX ||
0 ;
wilson . v_y = e . movementY ||
e . mozMovementY ||
e . webkitMovementY ||
0 ;
offset += wilson . v_x ;
}, false );
I.4. Summary
In this appendix you've had a glimpse of the future of HTML5. A lot of effort is directed
toward accessing device capabilities (webcams, microphones, orientation sensors, and so
on) as well as toward building seamless gaming and application experiences (full-screen
and pointer lock) to rival native applications. As these standards are finalized and imple-
mentations mature over the next few years, we should see a lot of exciting new web applic-
ations. Now that you've read this appendix (and the rest of this topic), you should be well
equipped to take an active role in developing the World Wide Web of tomorrow!
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