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I.2.1. Adding a text track to the videoText
Tracks come in cue files, files containing a series of timestamped cues (the word comes
from theater and film/television; think of an actor onstage waiting for a cue to deliver a
line). Chrome supports the WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) file format for cue files; a
sample for you to use is shown in the following listing. To keep things simple in the long
run, save this in a file with a name similar to the video file associated with it, such as
Listing I.4. VTT Captions VID_20120122_133036.vtt
To associate the WebVTT file with a <video> element, add a <track> element, as
shown in the next listing. Use the index-3.html file from chapter 8 ' s code download; then
you can drop the video element shown in the listing in place of the one already in that file
and save it with a new name.
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