HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure I.3. Later on the playing video, the caption reads “INTERCEPTION.”
To make this work you'll need Chrome 18 or later, and you should enable the track element
in the about:flags page; in more recent versions of Chrome (24 and later), it's enabled
by default. The file index-3.html from the chapter 8 code will be used as the basis for your
experimentation here.
Text Track API
Local web server required
If you try to run any of the examples in this section directly from the filesystem (with a
file:/// URI), then Chrome will fail to load the Text tracks because of cross-domain
security restrictions. In order to make them work, you'll need to either run a local web serv-
er (see appendix F where this is discussed) or upload them to an online server.
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