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2 . Enter a suitable name like ssechat. Click the Apply button toward the bottom of the
screen. Confirm that the script is being run, as shown in figureC.14 , which will create
the database for you.
Figure C.14. The chat.sql file open in the MySQL workbench
3 . Open the chat.sql file from the chapter 4 code download; the File menu has all the
usual options for this sort of thing.
4 . Run the script on the database you've just created by selecting the Execute (All or
Selection) option from the Query menu. This will set up the tables required for the
Note that if you see an error 1046 like the one shown in figure C.15 , this is because the
database isn't selected.
Figure C.15. If you see an error 1046, it's because you've not selected a database for running the query.
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