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9.1.1. Setting up the engine's layout
Creating a WebGL engine requires several different developer tools and a file structure like
the one you see in figure 9.3 .
Figure 9.3. Your engine's file structure should be identical to this figure. We've organized it in a manner that's
conducive to learning.
For now you can create an empty copy of each folder and file with the proper hierarchy
ahead of time, or you can follow along and create each file and folder as we mention
them. The JavaScript folder (named js) will house everything for your engine. Inside the
JavaScript folder, place a run.js file and an engine folder. We're keeping engine's contents
separate from everything else to keep things neatly organized.
Graphics card warning
Please note that not all graphics cards will support WebGL. If you're running the latest ver-
sion of Chrome or Firefox and can't run the 3D files for this chapter on your hardware,
the only solution we can think of is to try another computer. We apologize if you can't run
WebGL; the lack of graphics card support has been frustrating for many developers.
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