HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The validation request applies parameters in conjunction with the base URI . The supported parameters are the following:
uri : The URI of the document to be validated. It can be CSS or (X)HTML.
text : The CSS document to validate.
usermedium : The media type used for validation.
output : html (HTML), xhtml (XHTML, default), soap12 (SOAP 1.2), text (plain text).
profile : css1 , css2 , css21 , css3 , svg , svgbasic , svgtiny , mobile , atsc-tv , tv , or none .
lang : The report language such as en (default), fr , it , ko , ja , es , zh-cn , nl , de , it , or pl .
warning : Warning level with possible values no (hidden warnings), 0 (less warnings), 1 or 2
(more warnings). 2 is the default.
The output of the W3C CSS Validation Service is similar to the result page of the W3C markup validator. A green
stripe indicates a valid file, while a red stripe means that the CSS file is invalid.
Validating I18N
The Internationalization Activity Group at the World Wide Web Consortium runs the W3C Internationalization
Checker [14]. The I18N checker can be used to check web pages for internationalization-friendliness according to the
following factors:
Character encoding : HTTP Content-Type , byte-order mark, XML declaration, the
Content-Type metadata, and HTML5 meta charset
Language settings : the lang and xml:lang attributes on the html element, the HTTP
Content-Language , and the content-language metadata
Text direction : ltr (default) or rtl
The class and id names : Non-ASCII as well as non-NFC classes and identifiers
Request headers : Accept-Language , Accept-Charset
Validating Hyperlinks
One of the most disappointing experiences in web browsers is the broken hyperlink (dead link). W3C Link Checker
at is a useful tool for checking internal and external hyperlinks of web
documents [15]. Linked documents can also be checked recursively throughout a maximum of 150 documents. URI
fragments including a hash mark such as index.html#about are included in the test. Links forbidden by the robots
exclusion rules declared in the robots.txt file are not checked (Figure 14-6 ).
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