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In-Depth Information
HermiT is released under the LGPL license [24]. TopBraid Composer is a graphical development tool for data
modeling and semantic data processing that supports standards such as RDF, OWL, and SPARQL [25]. Pellet is an
OWL 2 Reasoner for Java [26]. Racer 2.0 supports standards such as RDF, RDFS, OWL Lite, OWL DL, and SPARQL.
Connectivity with external software is also possible [27]. FaCT++ is a Description Logic reasoner compatible with
OWL DL and OWL 2 [28].
MathType is an advanced editor for mathematical notations developed by Design Science. The equations and
annotations can be edited through a powerful graphical user interface (Figure 11-6 ).
Figure 11-6. Equation editing in MathType
The software is available for Windows and Mac OS [29]. The editor is often embedded into Microsoft Word to
replace the Equation Editor (either as a new menu or as a new ribbon, depending on the Word version), but it can also
be used in other word processors such as OpenOffice, Google Docs, or Apple Pages. The mathematical annotations
edited in MathType can also be exported to MathML and LaTeX. In fact, using MathType is one of the easiest ways to
generate MathML. Beyond MathType, the W3C browser/editor Amaya can also be used to generate MathML.
Markup Correctors
Although sophisticated markup components such as metadata require human decision, conventional (X)HTML
markup elements and attributes can be reliably corrected automatically. They can be useful in many cases; however,
markup correctors do not replace hand-coder web standards experts. In contrast to developers, software tools do not
always support the latest standards; some of them are discontinued or will be updated several years after the release
of a standard.
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