HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 10-2. Breadcrumb trails to ease navigation
The current location may be presented within navigation bars too. The list of all other pages of the site as well as
links to related web pages can also ease navigation. The link element may be applied for clearly indicating multiple
relationships between the current web page and other web pages within the web site (with values of the rel attribute
such as Start , Next , Prev , Contents , and Index ). Listing 10-1 shows an example.
Listing 10-1. Declaring Web Page Relationships in the Document Head
<title>Chapter 4</title>
<base href="" />
<link rel="prev" href="chapter3/">
<link rel="next" href="chapter5/">
A logical tab order must be added to web sites that allows the user to easily navigate through links, objects, and
form controls (Listing 10-2).
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