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Site Structure Requirements
All web pages (not only the home page) must have descriptive titles provided by the title element. Ideally, page titles
are short, identify the subject, logical, and understandable without context. Moreover, titles should be unique and
identify the page within the site. Table 10-1 shows an example.
Table 10-1. Unique and Short, but DescriptiveWeb Page Titles Within a Site
Title Example
Index page
Professional consultants
About page
About Professional consultants
Contact page
Contact Professional consultants
A hyperlink pointing to the index page must be provided at the top of each web page within a site.
this requirement can be easily provided without interrupting the content or design by adding the link to the web
site logo as <a href=""><img src="images/logo.png" alt="Pro Consultants" /></a> .
Links to all other pages of the site must be available directly or indirectly from the home page. The relationship
between the currently visited web page and other parts of the web site can be clearly indicated with properly selected
web site components and well-written element content (descriptive URIs, descriptive titles, metadata provided with
link rel , breadcrumb trails, chapters added using headings, and so on).
Breadcrumb trails may be applied to help the user visualize content structure, ease navigation, and identify the
current location within the site structure as well as within the current web page. This can be obtained by displaying
locations in the path or the location of the current web page within the site structure. Breadcrumb trails might provide
links to previously visited web pages. They are placed in the same location within each web page. Typical separators
used for breadcrumb trailing are , , > , | , :: , and / . For example, it can be clearly indicated that the web store
user is browsing LCD monitors with a screen size equal to or larger than 22 inches as Electronics Computers &
Accessories Monitors LCD 22 Inches & Up (Figure 10-2 ).
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