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The skipDays element has seven day subelements (the days of the week in full). They can be used to specify those
days when the news feed channel is not updated and thus unnecessary to check for updates (Listing 8-15).
Listing 8-15. An RSS Feed That Is Not Updated on Weekends
the declared hours or days are hints only. rSS feed readers may read the channel during the listed periods.
The textInput Element
Another optional subelement of the channel element is textInput , which can be used to specify a search box. It has
four required subelements:
Submit button is determined by the title subelement.
The label of the
description subelement.
The text input area can be described by the
name subelement identifies the text object.
link subelement provides the URL of the CGI script used for processing requests.
The textInput element is ignored by many RSS readers.
The ttl Element
The duration of caching before refreshing from the source can be expressed in minutes with the ttl element
(which stands for “time to live”). In the case of three hours, for example, it can be written as shown in Listing 8-16.
Listing 8-16. 180-Minute Caching in RSS
The webmaster Element
The e-mail address of the webmaster responsible for the technical issues of the RSS channel can be expressed with the
webMaster element.
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