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Subelements of the item Element
The item element has ten subelements: author , category , comments , description , enclosure , guid , link , pubDate ,
source , and title . All subelements are optional; however, at least a title or a description should be provided for each
item element.
The author Subelement
The e-mail address of the author of the news feed item can be provided by the author subelement. Listing 8-17 shows
an example.
Listing 8-17. The RSS Author
<author> (John Smith)</author>
The category and pubDate Subelements
The syntax of the category and pubDate subelements of the item element is the same as that of the corresponding
subelements of the channel element (as discussed in earlier sections).
The comments Subelement
If there is a forum or blog that is related to a news entry ( item element), a link to that page can be provided by the
comments subelement of the item element. Listing 8-18 shows an example.
Listing 8-18. Comments of an RSS Item
The description Subelement
The texts of items (news summaries) are delimited by the description subelement, as shown in Listing 8-19.
Listing 8-19. An RSS Item Description
Reports from workshop sessions
The enclosure Subelement
The enclosure subelement of the item element can be used to describe files (usually audio or video) related to the
news feed item. It has three required attributes: url (URL of the file), length (file size in bytes), and type (media type),
as demonstrated in Listing 8-20.
Listing 8-20. An Enclosure
<enclosure url="" length="4875577" type="audio/mpeg"/>
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