HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
attributes, and the custom data attribute data-* . The charset attribute on the meta element and the async attribute
on the script element have been improved. Inline SVG and MathML can be embedded in text/html documents.
HTML5 provides advanced features for web applications through its APIs, introducing a new area in web site
Most web designers and the W3C recommend HTML5 for most web sites and web applications.
HAML: Markup Preprocessing
Haml ( H TML a bstraction m arkup l anguage) is a lightweight markup language used to describe XHTML web
documents without traditional inline coding. Haml is created to overcome the limitations of traditional template
engines, accelerating and simplifying template creation while making markup as neat as possible [69]. The functions
of Haml can be used to replace inline page templating systems, such as ASP, RHTML, and PHP. The main principle of
Haml is beautiful, DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself ), well-indented markup with a clear HTML structure.
Alternatives to Web Markup
Although the lion's share of web documents are published in (X)HTML files, forms, brochures, flyers, posters,
animations, source codes, presentations, and office documents are often provided in other formats such as in the ones
indexed by Google [70]:
(.swf )
Adobe Flash
.pdf )
Adobe Portable Document Format (
.ps )
Adobe PostScript (
.dwf )
Autodesk Design Web Format (
.bas )
Basic source code (
.c , .cc , .cpp , .cxx , .h , .hpp )
C/C++ source code (
.kml , .kmz )
Google Earth (
.gpx )
GPS eXchange Format (
.hwp )
Hancom Hanword (
.java )
Java source code (
.xls , .xlsx )
Microsoft Excel (
.ppt , .pptx )
Microsoft PowerPoint (
.doc , .docx )
Microsoft Word (
.odp )
OpenOffice presentations (
.ods )
OpenOffice spreadsheet (
.odt )
OpenOffice text (
.pl )
Perl source code (
.py )
Python source code (
.rtf , .wri )
Rich Text Format (
.ans , .asc , .cas , .txt , .text )
Text (
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