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Making Scratchy move
Let's get ready to create our first program:
1. Click on Scratchy in the white panel to make sure he is selected. You will see
Sprite1 highlighted in the panel below. Sprites are what these characters are called
in Scratch.
2. Now, click on the Control button from the left side in the first column.
3. Click on the When <green flag> clicked item and drag it to the middle column.
4. Next, click on Motion and drag the move 10 steps item to the middle column.
5. Move it under the When <green flag> clicked until a white line appears between
them, and then let go of the mouse button.
6. Now, click on the green flag button above the game panel, and you should see
Scratchy move a bit.
Congratulations! You have just made your first application in Scratch. Let's get ready to
make our first game!
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