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If you are using more than one controller, or you experience odd behavior, switch to a
powered USB hub.
Setting it up for Bluetooth connectivity requires that you perform the following steps:
1. First, ensure that you have a Raspberry Pi compatible Bluetooth dongle. Most in-
expensive dongles will work, but a list of working products is available at ht-
tp://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Bluetooth_adapters .
2. Type sudo apt-get -y install bluez-utils bluez-compat
bluez-hcidump libusb-dev libbluetooth-dev . This install will
take a few minutes.
3. After the install is finished, type hciconfig and make sure your Bluetooth
dongle is listed.
4. Now, you will need to download, compile, and install sixad. Download sixad by
typing wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtsixa/files/
QtSixA%201.5.1/QtSixA-1.5.1-src.tar.gz . If the page is unavail-
able here, it is also located at http://raspberrypigaming.com/files/
QtSixA-1.5.1-src.tar.gz .
5. Now, type tar zxfv QtSixA-1.5.1-src.tar.gz and press Enter . This
will extract the contents.
6. Change to the newly created directory by typing cd QtSixA-1.5.1-src/
sixad .
7. Now, type make and press Enter . This will turn the source code into a computer
program (compiling) and will take a few minutes.
8. Next, type sudo make install and press Enter . This installs sixad into the
proper locations, and allows you to run the program by typing sixad without be-
ing in a certain folder.
9. Now, type sixad --start and press Enter .
10. When prompted to press the PS key on your controller, press it. You should see a
message indicating a connection to your Dual Shock.
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