HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
So you can see that my .html document or my homepage for my website is inside a folder
and its name is “mywebsite”. So all I have to do is to link my homepage (without forgetting
the extension):
<a href=“mywebsite.html”>Website Homepage </a>
You can also link images using a similar method.
<img src=“SpaceHD.jpg”>
The file type to the right in the picture where it says “JPEG Image” is how we find out what
type of file the image is. JPEG images use the .jpg extension. The other types of files types
for pictures may vary depending on where you got the picture from. To know what you file
extension is for a photo, right click the photo, Click “properties”, and then look the “type
of file:”. Images of other types are (.TIF, .PNG, and .GIF). You can also change the type of
files you are using by right clicking on the image you want to save and when the window
opens, (on a windows pc), under where you enter the name of the file you will see it says
“Save as Type”, Click on the dropdown list and choose the file type that you want to use.
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