HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<body bgcolor=“#FFFFFF”>
All color values (hex or English) must be written inside of parentheses.
You can change the font color by using the tag:
<font color=“#000000”> Example </font>
The text of the color that is being changed is inside the <font> tags and will be changed ac-
cording to its hex color value or English text color. Here the text “Example” would appear
in a web browser as black. Because #000000 is black in hex color values.
Links on your website will be widely used to link people to different parts of your site and
to reference people to other sites if needed. For example, if I wanted to link people that
visit my website to my favorite search engine (Google), I simple would use the link com-
mand and the link of the website.
<a href=”> Google </a>
The (<a href) part of the code is used to tell the browser that we have a hyperlink referen-
ce to be initialized. After that we add the link of the website inside parentheses and then
give the link a name that will show up on your web browser in blue and underlined (un-
less the font color is changed).
We can also link items that are on our personal computers by giving the location of a file
on your computer the same way that we did the website. So say we wanted to make links
to different parts of our webpage and I wanted them to be accessible to others fairly easy.
This is used by most websites so that people can navigate through there webpages easier,
and is called a header. The header contains the home link as well as all of your side links.
To be able to securely link a file, it is always best to have the file in the same folder as
your website. In other words keep all the files you want on your website, inside a specific
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