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Again, we can accommodate all riders. We also provide pickup
service within the Seven Mile beach area.
Experienced and new riders can enjoy beach rides with Pampered
Ponies (
345-945-2262 or 916-2540, fax 345-945-2262,
The operator offers early morning beach rides as well as romantic sunset
rides. Full moon rides are especially popular, and private rides are also
available. Rides start at US $75 for a one-hour beach ride; private rides are
US $85 per person. Moonlight rides are US $100 per person for one hour.
Danny Catt of Pampered Ponies spoke with us.
What types of rides do you offer?
We offer a 9 am and a 5:30 pm ride during the summer and we add
a 10:30 am and 4 pm ride in the winter. We can accommodate
large groups up to 12 riders. The one-hour daytime rides are
US $75 per person. We also offer a moonlight ride, starting three
days before the night of the full moon. It also lasts one hour; the
cost is US $125 per person. We also offer private rides (just you or
your group) for an additional US $10 per person. We accept Visa,
MasterCard, travelers checks and cash. All of our rides are
guided. We have one guide for small rides and two for larger
groups. We will send two guides with two riders if requested and
we pay close attention to children. We are the only horseback rid-
ing establishment in The Cayman Islands with insurance pro-
vided by Lloyds of London.
What should visitors bring with them? Jeans? Swimsuits?
Visitors should dress comfortably. We have everything they will
need to enjoy the beach rides. We do suggest they bring a camera
because they will want to remember this for a long time.
What level of riders do you accommodate?
We can accommodate any type of rider. We have gentle well-
trained horses that seven-year-old children ride and we have
some horses that allow the customers to do a little Caribbean
beach jumping. We use washed up driftwood for jumps along the
beach. We are also willing to split a group ride. If there are six rid-
ers and only three want to run, one trail guide will run with the
first three and another guide will stay and walk with the other
three riders. If the trail boss feels that the riders are good enough,
then they will be allowed to run ahead of the pack by themselves
(within eyesight of the guide) and then run back to the pack. We
do have large, first class, big and beautiful horses. They are pow-
erful but gentle. We have a professional trainer on site.
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